We visit your lawn every season (i.e every 13 weeks) to do the following: 

a) Apply a liquid fertilizer to provide much needed nutrients, together with a light insecticide to control harmful surface insects such as lawn caterpillar. 

b) Apply a slow release granular fertilizer. 

c) Apply a selective herbicide to control weeds within the lawn.

d ) Apply a non selective herbicide to your paved area to rid it of unsightly weeds and grasses.

e) Do a complementary insecticide spray around the border of the house to control ant activity - please note that this is not an ant treatment, where we would need to treat the whole property. 

     - This is a free service and bears no warranty due to eggs hatching and ants being continuously on the move

f) We check the property for Moll-Crickets, termites, excessive and activity and fungal diseases. Should we find any of these problems we will inform you, and quote you accordingly. 

g) we give instruction on correct watering and mowing. 

Although every effort is made to ensure the weeds die, if after 3 weeks that is not the case, the client needs to inform ECO LAWNS, so that a follow-up weed spray can be done at no extra cost.


The service provider will visit the lawn every 13 weeks to deliver the Gold Treatment service. 

The logistics involved make it possible to inform you a day or more in advance as to which day we will visit your site, but impossible to give an exact hour/time. 

It is therefor the client's responsibility to make sure that access is available to the site at all times on the date agreed upon. 

If access is not available on the said date an extra cost will be charged at standard AA Rates.


Kindly note that payment conditions for treatments are strictly COD immediately after the work is completed, unless other arrangements are made E.g Electronic Transfers

Deposit may be required on extra services like planting or lawn dressing. 

Interest, on outstanding accounts older than 14 days, will be charged.