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About Us

About Us

Here at Eco Lawns, we know what an asset your garden is to your lifestyle, and how much enjoyment it gives when everything is looking beautiful. Eco Lawns has put together a great team that specialises in Tree Felling & Removal, PSHB treatments, Garden Services, Pool Maintenance, Landscaping, Site Clearing, Irrigation Installations, Repairs and Paving. Our friendly team of professionals have more then 15 years of experience.

We have every resource available to make your grass green, lush, and weed and pest free, so that, after we have finished caring for your lawn, all you need to do is mow and water correctly (of course we show you how!) We promise to take the best care of your lawn... because we love what we do... as seeing the great results your garden gets from our treatments is such an enormous reward!

We are also always available for advice and to answer any questions you may have about your lawn, just call us, we're ready to help, anytime.

We service the Northern parts of Johannesburg.

ALL OUR QUOTES ARE FREE! ALWAYS! And when we come to do your quote, we apply a thorough 14 point lawn analysis, so that we know exactly what your lawn's needs are.

Our Services

Lawn Maintenance Programmes

We apply liquid fertiliser with insecticide which gets absorbed through the leaf which promotes growth, and takes care of surface insects like lawn caterpillar, armyworm and cutworm. We treat all varieties of weed within the lawn e.g.: Sorrel, Nutsedge (Uientjie), Broadleaf, Wintergrass, Wonderlawn, and Bunchweed. We apply granular organic or non – organic Fertiliser which promotes growth through root absorption. We take care of driveway and paving weeds and apply ant spray around the house to deter ants from coming inside. At every treatment, we check for pests and advice accordingly and advice you and your staff on correct mowing and watering practices.

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Pest Control and Fungus Treatment

We have treatments available for all types of pest control, Termites, Mole-crickets, Ants, Snails, Rats and Moles that are not harmful for pets or birds. Fungus Treatment : With the outbreak of Kikuyu patches in the area, we have a treatment that actually works.Treatments are available for: Fairy Ring, Brown Spot and various types of Blight.

PSHB (Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer Beetle) Treatment

With the rapid spreading of PSHB, ECO LAWNS is now offering the treating of trees infected by the beetle/fungus, and doing preventative treatment for trees that are in danger of infection.

Lawn Dressing and Composting

We topdress your lawn with the best quality weed-free, non-contaminated product this gives your lawn a marvellous boost at the beginning of the growth season, and replaces soil erosion. We also offer composting of your flower beds.

Grass Planting

We have a wide variety of grasses to choose from, and will work with you to choose the best lawn for your valuable property. LM, Kikuyu, Cynodon Lawns, Shade over and All Seasons are just some of the options available. We also offer seeding of grass.

Tree Felling

If you’re looking for an accredited tree removal service then we can help. We’ve been in the business for many years and have a large and loyal client base that can attest to our ability. Our skilled technicians are on hand to advise with all types of tree felling and tree maintenance services, whether your property is commercial or domestic, private or public. We also offer complete site clearing services, including removal of waste. WE ARE FULLY INSURED and VERY REASONABLY PRICED!!


A well landscaped garden should be an outstanding feature of your property and we attain this by designing indigenous and water-wise gardens, rose gardens, or designs of your own choice.

Installations/Repairs of Irrigation Systems

Our garden irrigation systems are designed with the purpose of supplying an adequate amount of water to your lawn and plants, as well as being a labour saving device. We install manual or automatic irrigation systems to provide an even distribution of water to each section of your garden.


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